Ruth Wright 1794-1864

67.  Ruth Wright

Ruth was born between about April 1795, which is consistent with her censuses and death records.  The 1851 and 1861 censuses give her birthplace (and also her husband, Henry’s) as Northowram and Ovenden, respectively.

Ruth was the daughter of  David Wright and Ann Baxendale (who later lived with her husband at her son George ‘s family home).  She  married Henry Greenwood, by banns, on the 6 October 1816 at St Peter’s Parish Church, 1 Stott Hill, Bradford BD1 4EH (now Bradford Cathedral).

They settled down in what is present day Queensbury, Yorkshire (previously Queenshead and divided between the townships of Northowram and Clayton) where they had ten children  between 1817 and 1838.

66.1  George Greenwood born 1817 Street, Queensbury.
66.2  Sarah Greenwood born 1819 Pollish (?), Small Page, Queensbury
66.3 Charles Greenwood  born 1822 Collier Row, Queensbury.
66.4  John Greenwood born 1824 Collier Row, Queensbury.
33  Mary Ann Greenwood born1826 Collier Row, Queensbury.
66.6 Henry Greenwood born 1828 Collier Row, Queensbury.
66.7 Joseph Greenwood born 1830 Collier Row, Queensbury.
66.8 Simeon Greenwood born1833 Collier Row, Queensbury.
66.9 David Greenwood born1835 Collier Row, Queensbury.
66.A Enos Greenwood born 1838 Collier Row, Queensbury.

From their children’s birth records we know the family were living at Street, Queensbury, in 1817, Pollish, Small Page, Queensbury, in 1819, and Collier Row, Queensbury, from 1822 to 1838.

n about March 1841 (2 months before the 1841 census date) Henry and Ruth had their first grandchild when Mary Ann, unmarried, had her first child, Isabella. Isabella is confirmed as her daughter by the 1861 census where Mary Ann is the only daughter living with Henry and Ruth and four of her children and the 1871 census where she is now the head of the household and is “unmarried” living with four of her children.

33.1 Isabella Greenwood (1841 – 1920).

On the 6 June 1841, all Henry and Ruth’s children (except for George) and their 2 month old granddaughter, Isabella,  were living with them at New Harrogate, Queensbury.  Henry is a weaver.

George by this time had married Mary Balmforth on 14 September 1840 and had set up home, with their 1 year old daughter Elizabeth, in Collier Row, Queensbury, next to David and Ann Wright, his maternal grandparents.

By 30 March 1851 the family had moved to Sharket Head, Queensbury.  Henry is a now cotton warp dresser.

Simeon and Joseph died in 1845 and 1849, but the household by now had two further children of Mary Ann:

33.2 Albert Greenwood (1844 – 1901) and
33.3 Sarah Greenwood (1847- ).

By the 7 April 1861 Henry and Ruth were living at Lane Top, Queensbury, with Mary Ann, Isabella, Albert, Amelia and Fred.  Henry is still a cotton warp dresser.

Ruth died about November 1864, age 69.  She was buried on the 3 December at Holy Trinity Church, Queensbury in plot M33.  Henry had died some 6 months earlier age 67.